The integrated airoflow flow regulator is composed of a body and a dynamic O ring reacts to the pressure changes and adjusts its shape to decrease the amount of liquid drugs going through while the flow rate remains constant.

Safety and reliability :Onceadjustted the flow remains constant during the entire infusion procedure eliminating the need to frequently monitor and readjust the control device. No risk of over-infusion. Two-handed setting procedure prevents accidental tampering.

Simplicity : Installation calibration and adjustement  are performed in a few minutes and require no special training.

Economy : Low cost disposable unit requires no capital investment freeing hospital from inventory and maintenance costs.

Versatility : Suitable for use with all types of fluid containers and most IV solutions available on the market.

Special configurations : Custom –made manufacturing available with needle – free site and light protected tubings .Latex –free.

7710 Airflow Regulator