The Airovent T is a heat and moisture exchange device designed for use with spontaneously breathing patients with a tracheostomy tube.

Airovent T-hme which captures heat and moisture on expiration and returns to the patient in inspiration thus reduces loss of heat and moisture during respiration.

Notes : Change the device every 24 hours or earlier as needed to prevent accumulation of secetions .Do not add moisture to the filter elements

Code No. Packing
3035   10/100 pcs
3036 With Tubing 10/100 pcs
Product Features:

  • Light weight design ensures maximum comfort and minimal protrusion.
  • Minimises the drag on the Tracheostomy Tube.
  • An efficient heat and moisture exchanger to warm and humidify inspired air reducing the risk of tube blockage from encrustations with minimal resistance to flow.
  • Synthetic Hygroscopic media gives good humidification.
  • Compatible with any other system
  • Connector:15F fit to ET or TT
  • Moisture return mg H20/Lat 500ml Vt:27.0mg H2O
  • Resistance at 60L/min:102cm H2O
  • Compressible volume :19m
  • Weight :5 kg.