• Yankauers are used for the appreciation of fluid or debris and are designed for single use
  • Yankauer is available with either bulb tip or straight tip; with control vent.
  • Constructed of blue-tinted transparent and shatterproof material.
  • Smooth and clean outer surface
  • Smooth and uniform inner surface for rapid evacuation
  • Ribbed universal barbed connector for easy connection to various sizesof connective tubing
  • Sterile & individually packed.
  • Airways suction tubing connectors are used together with tubing to connect a suction source and a Suction device (e.g. Yankauer suction waste collection system ,suction catheters).
  • Flexible PVC easily expands to fit most barbed connectors
  • Ribbed texture for easier handling
  • Sizes to fit a widw range of tubing diameters
  • Non-sterile,bulk packaged also available
Code No. Packing
3013 Plain Tip 15/60 PCS
3012 Crown Tip 15/60 PCS