With the handle of the stopcocks the user can adjust the desired flow directions or stop fluids in order to control the administration of infusions or drugs to the patient. Moreover stopcocks are used as an access to inject drugs or to withdraw blood. One or more infusions and liquid drugs, can be administered in parallel as a mix to the patient via the female accesses in IV-Sets. The administration can be done by gravity and pump-infusion or with syringes.


Resistant to the effects of pharmaceuticals

  • Resistant against pharmaceuticals with previously unattained degree of transparency
  • Resistance against stress cracking resulting from exposure to infusion solutions, drugs and alcohol-based disinfectants
  • Protection against the danger of unnoticed cracks, air infusion and leakage
  • Fast connection with rotating adapter
  • Reliable, secure system connection with rotation of the connected stopcock unit on its own axis
  • Light snap at every 45° turn of the valve
Code no.         Packing                 
3500 50/100 pcs