TRACHEOSTOMY Helps provide patients with the right fit and maintain airway patency ,helping ensure patient safety and comfort . AIRWAYS tracheas to my tubes are a trusted solution from a proven partner.

Features and Benefits

  • tracheos to my tube cuffed with disposable inner cannula (DCT) provides the convenience of a disposable inner cannula for a wide variety of applications
  • AIRWAYS Inner cannula disposable(DIC) features integral 15mmsnap-lock connector for quick ,safe disposal after single use
  • Smooth rounded –tip obturator facilitates insertion
  • AIRWAYS tracheostomy tube with disposable inner cannula (PERC) is specially designed to work with Cook®*percutaneous tracheostomy introducer sets
  • Latex-free
  • Indications for Usage
  • To bypass upper airway obstructions, provide long –term ventilation support and/or manage trached/bronchial secretions.
Code No. Size Packing
3101 6.0 Customised
3102 6.5 Customised
3103 7.0 Customised
3104 7.5 Customised
3105 8.0 Customised
3106 8.5 Customised
3107 9.0 Customised
3115 Trachostomy Tube Plain-2.5
3113 Trachostomy Tube Plain-3.0
3114 Trachostomy Tube Plain-3.5
3108 Trachostomy Tube Plain-4.0
3109 Trachostomy Tube Plain-4.5
3110 Trachostomy Tube Plain-5.0
3111 Trachostomy Tube Plain-5.5
3112 Trachostomy Tube with Cuff-5.0
3100 Trachostomy Tube with Cuff-5.5